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Illuminations 2

Illuminations 2, my new color work accessory club is finally here! This club is a redux of my popular Illuminations color work sock club. The first pattern of this new club is Scheherezade, a colorful mitten with a bold floral back, and delicate tracery on the palm. If you've never done color work before, it's surprisingly easy. Stranded color work is basically stockinette, but changing colors according to pattern. The stockinette makes it a relaxing knit, the color pattern keeps it interesting.

Illuminations 2 will have 12 patterns total. Patterns will be for accessory garments like socks, mittens, gloves, hats. You can join Illuminations 2 through Ravelry.

These mittens were made using Mini Mochi yarn, which is, unfortunately, no longer available. There are lots of alternatives, however. Look for something with a long color repeat to to get similar effects.

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