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Another pretty sock pattern

The next installment of The Armchair Travelers club is out and it's a pretty sock called Aqueduct. The inspiration for this is, natch, ancient aqueducts from the Roman Empire. I first saw one of these when I visited Israel earlier this year and it's really cool to see something that old. Aqueducts moved water to all corners of the Roman Empire through gravity alone. A lot of the aqueduct conduits were buried, but wherever they went over valleys or lowlands they were carried on bridgework. You can still see those bridges throughout the varying landscapes within the boundaries of the Roman empire. Some are ancient ruins and others are still in use!

This sock is both pretty and relaxing to knit. It's a toe-up sock with a pattern reminiscent of columns and flowing water. The pattern is easy to memorize, and just when you get tired of it, changes up to put a fancy cap to the columns. You can find the pattern on Ravelry.

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