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After the crazy cabin experience, we outran a tornado back to Charlotte and dropped off the dog. Then we got right back on the Airbnb horse and booked ourselves another cabin! This one was clean, cute and full of charm, and even came with complimentary deer visitors.

So my sister, the yarn and I ensconced ourselves and prepared for our friends to join us for SAFF.

There is something so fun about a girl's weekend. The stories, the laughter, the wine and food, and the fiber! After we wandered the aisles of SAFF breathing in all the fibery magic, we tumbled in the door of the cabin, spilled out our prizes on the floor and proceeded to teach each other new things.

I can personally vouch for three new spinners I made this weekend. First we did spindles, and then the wheel and all of them made yarn in the first 10 minutes. We did a little punch needle, some kumihimo, lots of knitting (of course) and needle felting.

Autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains is gorgeous. I think a new tradition has been born.

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