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Award winning photography comes from drive, vision and focus; when you look good, I look good.  I approach each project with focus and enthusiasm and I listen to what my clients want.  I deliver beautifully edited photos, on time, with your vision foremost.  As a member of PPA, OPPA and ASMP, I bring a high degree of professionalism to every shoot.

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My philosophy:  Great food comes from good ingredients and photos of it should look natural, fresh and appealing.  I don't engage in unnatural tricks or excessive airbrushing.  I might employ a strategic toothpick,   remove a distracting blemish, or spritz a bit of shine, but overall I want your food to look like what it is, fresh, delicious and ready to eat!


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Passion is what drives us to create.  I love what I do and never get tired of looking through the lens.  In addition to photography, I love traveling, dogs, serene spaces and art.


I am a Pacific Northwest photographer,  painter, and videographer working in timelapse photography and animation.  I am available locally or for travel

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